What I do

I help people pitch better.

Everything you say that you want to be impactful, wether that be on someone’s mind, heart or wallet, is a pitch.

Pitching is about thinking clearly, speaking actively and being present.

I am rooted in the performing arts, theatre and the universe of playwrighting & storytelling. Since 2012 I’ve been helping Tech-Startups to improve their spoken pitch.

What does that mean?

It is about WHAT you say and WHEN you say what.
The goal is to make the understanding of your pitch for your audience as easy as pie.

It is also about HOW you say it. I will be working with you on the Presentation, your vocal skills and body language by using a variety of acting methods, speech training and physical awareness techniques.

I work on the voice, body, confidence, thoughts, your pitchdeck and of course, on the pitch itself.

So far I trained Tech Startups on behalf of the
Telekom Accelerator hub:raum Berlin,
hub:raum Krakow,
HY!Berlin, NEXT Berlin,
Axel Springer Accelerator Plug & Play,
WAYRA Germany,
Deutsche Bahn Mindbox,
Starter Incubator Gdansk,
Hardware Hackathon Dublin,
MLove Confestival,
Berlin Startup Academy,
General Assembly London,
TechCrunch Disrupt,
Climate KIC,
Hardware Hackathon Dublin,
Bayer Pharma Grants4Apsps,
the Berlin Hardware Accelerator and
Google Developers Launchpad.

public speaking about public pitching:

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